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We help brands discover and understand the culture of their ideal audience then build relevant ways to reach and engage them.


We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing, and algorithmic world where attention is a scarce commodity and customers call the shots. To win, you need to have a fundamental understanding of who your customers are. Beyond demographics, you need to know what makes your ideal audience tick. 


We are an audience-obsessed team that works with brands and agencies to help identify their most valuable audience segments. By leveraging today’s most powerful audience intelligence technology and our sector knowledge, we provide our clients with the data-backed cultural insights they need to grab relevant attention and reach business goals.


Culture Over Demographics. We uncover the interest-based communities that exist within your current, competitive, and future audience. By looking at the interests, affinities, and social connections of your audience, we’re able to understand what and who they are passionate about.


Reaching the masses no longer works. To reach and engage your ideal audience, you need to be hyper-intentional. By leveraging our culture-based audience intelligence, we provide relevant data that fuels your inbound and outbound strategies. Make an emotional connection by aligning your message with what people are already passionate about.


Performance in digital is less about how many people you’re reaching and more about whether you’re reaching the right people. We make sure your content is placed on the right channels and that you've partnered with the right influencers, brands, and celebrities. We track audiences over time to understand the impact of your marketing efforts beyond vanity metrics.


Audience Discovery

We provide you with a cultural analysis of who your audience is. By leveraging powerful AI-driven, interest-based segmentation, we’re able to get an unbiased look at your current audience, your competitor's audience, and potential target (future) audiences. Beyond demographics, we learn about who each of your target audiences are, how they consume and share ideas, and what inspires them.


Influencer Identification

In a world where customers trust their peers more than brands, influencers and strategic partners are among the most powerful ways to reach your ideal audience and increase brand credibility. Interest-based segmentation allows us to identify the influencers and other brand partners that already resonate with the audiences you care about most.


Audience-First Marketing Strategy

We work with you to understand your business objectives then provide you with a roadmap to achieving your goals through audience intelligence. By understanding the most relevant channels, keywords, trends, passions, influencers,  celebrities, brands, media, entertainment, etc. we can recommend and build an audience-first integrated marketing strategy.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that consistent and reliable business growth can only happen when you have a fundamental understanding of who your audience is and apply that knowledge to all facets of your business. We’re passionate about audiences and culture. Port Tack was founded to provide small-mid sized agencies and brands with access to the technology-backed audience intelligence they need to compete in this consumer-driven world.

Gain a better understanding of your audience today.
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